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Post  CanineKind on Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:18 pm

When we decided to remake this classic we found that many mods on NWN2 desperately lacked substance. We played on various highly populated servers to get a feel for what was available and discovered that character conflict, maturity, and character freedom were all very limited if not completely missing. Our hope is that we can recapture many features that made Astoria a great roleplaying experience this includes a dynamic world where roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded. Here are just some of the things we have implemented, and will continue to refine.

Vampires: They have been debated, but we feel that vampires are essential to the health of Astoria. Not only are they a completely unique race, but they will also feature special abilities that were heavily role-played in the Original, such as a bite. Vampires represent the quintessential evil in Astoria, and for the module they drive many of the epic conflicts found throughout Astoria.

Hated Races: No, not every race is welcome within the gated walls of Astoria. As per the original, Tieflings, Drow and Vampires are forbidden entry. Don’t be discouraged if you do select one of these races; Both the Drow and the Vampires have unique starting locations and entry into Astoria city will only ever be prohibited by other players. We will not be implementing NPC guards that restrict your characters role-play so long as players recognize their existence and play accordingly.

Character Conflict: This also includes an emphasis on character conflict fueled by classic struggles driven by race and alignment. We are revisiting some aspects of the original Astoria that made PVP fun and re-envisioning those that simply enraged players. Expect to find no penalty for PVP death for example. We are also currently working on lootable corpses that will not remove characters items from their inventory but will reward thieves in other ways. This is above all else a roleplaying server, so there must always be a reason for your PVP but we noticed many servers hinder or even discourage PVP. We felt as though players were treated too much like children, led by the hand and encouraged to work with others ect. Here, we respect our players and believe that players can make their own fun without the direction of a DM. However, we do believe that DMs are responsible for making captivating stories that incorporate player choice dynamically instead of sub par writing that force players to choose predesigned paths.

Character Death: Like the original character death does not always mean a direct experience dock. Characters slain in PVP will be given a "get out of jail free" card where they can respawn back at their home bases. When a character dies they leave behind a body which can be resurrected. One feature from the original was the chance at a free resurrection for good aligned characters were a players body could be dragged and placed in a temple. After initiating the praying emote, if your character worships a good or neutral deity, good aligned players will be resurrected. Neutral aligned players will have to pay the clergy to resurrect their fallen friend and evil characters will need a scroll or spell. There is a respawn option were you are transported to your home city, but this comes at an experience cost and characters revived this way must role-play forgetting the events leading to their death.

Areas: We are staying true to the original layout as much as possible. Some areas have been reimagined due to the freedom of the new toolset, but they will still have familiar landmarks. Astoria City looks very much like it did in NWN 1 and we are constantly scouring up old maps for reference.

Items and Looting: We are still playing around with this, currently we are using Christopher Aulepp's Random Loot Generator which allows for a vast array of items. Expect not to find the same item twice. The generator also scales with CR up to level 41 equipment. We are flirting with the idea of keeping some of the iconic items from the original as items that will spawn once a server reset, but this is still a work in progress.

Leveling: Grinding by itself, for the sole purpose of leveling, will be a slow and arduous task. Role playing tokens will become necessary at the higher levels to gain decent amounts of experience. Done worry, we plan to implement automatic methods of rp token distribution but these will be based off of role-play situations. These tokens, like the original, will grant players a percentage of the experience gained from killing a monster in bonus experience. So the more you role-play, the more of these tokens will amass, the faster you will level up. This is also partly to alleviate the sting of grinding for experience so that a player doesn’t have to spend hours upon hours hacking away orcs to gain their next level.

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