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Post  CanineKind on Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:04 am

As a part of the world, Astoria Resurrection takes place some 200 years after the age of Unix's Astoria. Characters like Perrin, Dairna, Kenshin, Kain, Elle ect. who were not only vital to the success of Astoria 2 but were also die hard players will be remembered with unique artifacts; reminisces of the past if you would Very Happy . If you'd like to add a relic to the server please post the name of your former character, a bit of backstory and the relic you'd like implemented. Or, if you just want to post your characters and the people you remeber, thats fine too! Very Happy

Kaigen: A Hengeyokai; hybrid creature from Kara-tur sent to Astoria as a vindicator to repent and reclaim his honor. Fell in aligance with Morganna, Grey, Tigron, Jaya Lyonall, Serena, Raydyn, Gabby and Curien. (Im sure im missing a ton!) Then of course there was his nemises, Aven, a cold blooded vampriess.

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