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Post  White Crow on Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:23 pm

Astoria Resurrection NWN2 Resting System:

Recently we have been talking about a brand spanking new rest system to implement;

Basically players will become fatigued if you sleep in your armor, much like you would in the pen and paper version.

We also wanted to apply the same system to sleeping in the wilderness. In a sense, if you are unprepared to sleep out in the woods then you’re not going to be sleeping very well. How we plan on implementing this is players will have the option to buy fire starting kits and tents from the general store. These items will reduce the percent chance of your character waking up fatigued while in the wilderness.

We have talked about this subject at great length. We would like to give the players the opportunity to RP setting up camp out there beyond the safe walls of Astoria; but we also wanted to make it rewarding in some way. We did; however come to the conclusion that sleeping indoors, say a cave for instance, would not apply the fatigue penalty because you, the character, have made the effort to discover a shelter and therefore shouldn’t be penalized for sleeping there.
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