We're Back!

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We're Back!

Post  CanineKind on Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:44 pm

After a very prolonged break, about a years worth. We've decided to continue with the project. Dusting off the toolset and recovering our backups was the first step. However, one corrupt backup later and we found that we've lost a few scripts. So as we reclaim lost ground, rest assured that we're determined to finish it! I know that there have been dozens of Astorias in the past, a lot of them end up dead in the ditch before launch and I was sickened by the idea that ours could be one of them. So we will be redoubling our efforts, as of last night I've added in two areas and tweaked our loot spawning parameters to be more balanced. We have plenty of new and exciting ideas and we cant wait to get the ball rolling again!

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